08 May, 2001   3D Balls Menu v1.5.1
- You can now use the 8th Ball Link ;-)
( so stop asking me for this pleease )
• Download : 3D Balls Menu v1.5.1

05 Apr, 2001   Bumpy Font applet v1.0
Download Bumpy Font applet v1.0,
or take a look at online samples.
• Download : Bumpy Font applet v1.0

15 Mar, 2001   HowTo
Stop asking me for tutorials, go here ;-) .
• Download : HowTo.zip

11 Mar, 2001   3D Balls Menu v1.5
- You can now change the size and colors of the balls,
- You can also change the applet size,
- Add Blur Effect,
- Add Blend Effect.
• Download : 3D Balls Menu v1.5

07 Mar, 2001   Cool Links
- ACG, The aesthetics + computation group, from MIT Media Laboratory
- Golan Levin (alumni)

27 Feb, 2001   HeHo Particles Plugin v0.1b
This is a Winamp Visualisation Plugin made with OpenGL, the particles are synchronized with music ;-).
Please help me to find bugs, it is my first Winamp plugin .
I used the NullSoft self installer so you just have to unzip and double clic to install the plugin in Winamp plugin's directory .
• Download : HeHo Particles Plugin v0.1b

06 Feb, 2001   Bumpy Font Applet
Added 6 samples of Bumpy Font Applet.
• Download : Bumpy Font

31 Jan, 2001   Bumpy Font Applet
New Applet : Bumpy Font Applet v0.5
This applet display an animated text using a Bump Mapping effect.
• Download : Bumpy Font

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