26 Aug, 2002   Back to work ...
I am back after 2 weeks away,
I was in Marciac for a jazz festival,
and in Uzeste, "Visage Village des Arts à l'Œuvre" ;-)

31 Jul, 2002   soon
• No, I am not dead, I am actually working on :
- 3D Web Menu v2.0, which will be totally customizable, more links, etc ...
- a new PHP engine with more features,
- applet tag generators for those who don't know how to edit applet tag manually.

• Before this, let the Sun Shines ;-)

30 Jul, 2002   Great site
Take a look at www.eigelb.at.
My opinion : I have much thing to learn ... lol ;-)

28 Mar, 2002   BUSY
Yes, I'm still alive.. But still busy, sorry, I can't reply all your emails...
Comme back soon, there will be a new 3D menu ...

03 Jan, 2002   Euro year ? lol
Happy New Year ;-)

22 Oct, 2001   busy
Sorry, I am actually very busy, I will update the site and answer emails soon ...

11 Sep, 2001   Why ?
Why ???

24 Jul, 2001   Particles Plugin v0.2
Winamp Particles Plugin v0.2
- fixed few bugs ...
- screenshot : 1
• Download : Particles Plugin v0.2

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