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Few words
  I'm not here to explain you what is Java, applet ...etc
If you want to learn all this kind of things, go here & search .
I'm just here to show you which class and method I use in my applets .

I'm not a Java guru, I am an average programmer, learning new things about Java every day. I do not claim to know everything. I do not guarantee my code is bug free. I have made every effort humanly possible to eliminate all bugs but this is not always an easy task. Please keep this in mind while going through the tutorials !
(as NeHe says in his great OpenGL/C++ tutorial)

And, please, be aware that english is not my first language ...
If you find too much mistakes, just send me the right words ;-) .

Before starting, what do you need ?
  - JDK 1.1 or better (Java Development Kit),
- JDK Documentation,
- a good text editor (yes, it's enough),
- your brain.

  • Lesson 01 : Hello World
• Lesson 02 : Load Image
• Lesson 03 : Thread
• Lesson 04 : Double buffering
• Lesson 05 : MemoryImageSource