25 Jan, 2008   Flash
Well... I am not dead... Juste busy, but take a look here.

13 Jul, 2004   busy...
Sorry, I am still busy with my work...
I really don't have time to maintain this site,
but don't worry I will come back with others 3D Web Menu (java & flash), juste be patient...

25 Mar, 2004   free.fr bug
I don't know why (may be a mysql server crash), but free.fr (hosting provider) lost all tables in my database... So I restored my database using a backup from 29 March 2003 (sorry, don't have recent backup)...

24 Mar, 2003
What's behind bush ? Take a look with x ray !

23 Jan, 2003   busy
I am moving out to Bayonne, so I will be really busy for few weeks (yes I know, I am already busy ...).
You can register, but you will have to wait the week end to get your registration mail.

03 Jan, 2003   Happy new year... etc
Happy new year... etc ;-)

28 Nov, 2002   For french geek
Une ptite news pour les français (ha ca fait du bien d'écrire en french :-) ...
Amis informaticiens autistes, venez nous rejoindre sur le site des french geek :
Lexpage, et participez au challenge !

05 Nov, 2002   Anfy 2.0
Finally Anfy 2.0 is out ...
I worked in year 2000 for anfyteam and made few applets, take a look :
- Mad Text
- Zoom and Blur


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